You Can Now Create AI-generated Images for Free in Google Bard

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Google Bard, a free AI chatbot, now offers AI image generation as a new feature. Users can create images by simply telling the chatbot what they want to see. The system uses Gemini Pro and Google’s Imagen 2 model to generate images, aiming for a balance between quality and speed. While Google claims Bard delivers “photorealistic outputs,” the quality can vary. To create images in Google Bard, users need to visit the Bard website and type prompts like “create an image” or “generate an image” followed by their desired image. The results may vary, but with some patience, users can usually achieve decent results. Google’s Imagen 2 system is impressive, and Bard provides multiple style options for each prompt, reducing the need for back and forth. It’s important to note that the images generated by Google Bard are not considered “human-created” due to the inclusion of SynthID, a digital watermark that indicates if an image is AI-generated.

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