Tim Cook confirms Apple’s generative AI features are coming ‘later this year’

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During Apple’s quarterly earnings call, CEO Tim Cook mentioned that the company is working on generative AI software features that will be released later this year. This aligns with reports that iOS 18 could be the biggest update in the operating system’s history. Cook’s teases seem to confirm that a significant release is expected this fall. Cook stated that Apple will continue to invest in technologies like artificial intelligence and will share details of their ongoing work later this year. When pressed for more details, Cook did not offer much, stating that Apple prefers to do the work first and then talk about it. AI software features have been a selling point for other smartphone brands, and Apple’s mention of generative AI suggests ambitious plans to integrate AI into their software platforms. Cook concluded the call by expressing his belief in the huge opportunity for Apple with generative AI and AI in general, without providing further details.

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