TikTok may add AI avatars that can make ads

Create an image in a positive, light-hearted style, featuring a 3:2 aspect ratio scene. Show a young female Asian AI avatar on one side and a young male Black human influencer on the other side, both standing in front of a representation of the TikTok platform logo. The AI avatar is holding a script, presumably from an advertiser, while the human influencer has a mobile device displaying the TikTok app. The center of the image should feature a weighing scale, symbolizing the balance between using AI avatars for producing sponsored content and human influencers. In the background, subtly include representations of TikTok features such as music notes (Song Generator feature) and icons of various filters and effects.

TikTok is reportedly working on adding AI avatars to its platform to create sponsored ads, potentially competing with human influencers. These AI avatars would be able to read scripts from advertisers or sellers on TikTok Shop. However, initial tests found that AI avatars attracted fewer e-commerce sales than human influencers. It remains unclear how TikTok plans to share sponsorship dollars between virtual influencers and human creators, as many TikTok creators rely on brand deals for income. The platform will need to carefully navigate the rollout of this feature to avoid alienating its user base, especially after asking them to advocate against a TikTok ban. Additionally, TikTok has previously experimented with AI, including a Song Generator feature and labeling filters and effects with an AI tag. Despite these developments, TikTok has not yet commented on the potential addition of AI avatars to its platform.

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