The New York Times is building a team to explore AI in the newsroom

Create an illustration representing the intersection of journalism and artificial intelligence in a vibrant and engaging style. The picture should be in a 3:2 aspect ratio. Visualize a bustling newsroom with diverse teams of individuals, representing a range of roles such as machine learning engineers, software engineers, designers, and editors, all collaborating on a project. At the heart of the scene, depict a symbolic representation of AI, like a futuristic computer or a glowing neural network design. However, ensure to depict the human journalists as a crucial part of the scene because even with the assistance of AI tools, the journalism is still done by them. Also, subtly include a legal document and a web crawler icon to signify the contentious relationship. Do not add any copyrighted logos or trademarks.

The New York Times is forming a team to explore the use of generative AI in its newsroom. The team will focus on prototyping uses of generative AI and other machine-learning techniques to enhance reporting and how the Times is presented to readers. The Times plans to hire a machine learning engineer, a software engineer, a designer, and a couple of editors for this initiative. The team, led by the editorial director for AI initiatives, will collaborate with other teams to bring the best ideas from prototype to production. The Times emphasizes that its journalism will always be done by expert journalists, despite incorporating AI tools. The Times has had a contentious relationship with generative AI, including blocking OpenAI’s web crawler and filing a lawsuit against OpenAI and Microsoft. Other news organizations, such as Axel Springer and the Associated Press, have also begun exploring the use of AI in newsrooms. The Times’ experiment with AI will still involve human journalists writing the news.

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