OpenAI drops prices and fixes ‘lazy’ GPT-4 that refused to work

Create a vibrant, optimistic, and high-definition illustration for an article with the aspect ratio of 3:2. The theme should be about technological innovation and progress. Features- A lightbulb symbolizing ideas and innovation, a graphical representation of prices going downwards, and a stack of models opening like nested Russian dolls symbolizing the release of newer and enhanced versions. These elements are arranged together in a manner that represents a drop in prices and the unveiling of improved AI models. Use a minimalistic and simple design language similar to what you would see in animated films before the year 1912.

OpenAI has made adjustments to its models and pricing. The company has released new models and reduced the price of API access. GPT-3.5 Turbo is the popular model used by most people, and it serves as an industry standard. The input prices for API access have been reduced by 50% and output prices by 25%. OpenAI aims to retain customers as open source models catch up to their performance. GPT-3.5 Turbo has a new model version, 0125, with various improvements. GPT-4 Turbo also has a new preview model, 0125, which focuses on code generation tasks. GPT-4 Turbo with vision will be launched in the coming months. OpenAI has also introduced new and improved text embedding models and a new version of its moderation API.

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