Humane AI is reportedly looking for a buyer, just weeks after its disastrous wearables launch

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Humane, an artificial intelligence startup, is reportedly seeking a buyer following the disastrous launch of its AI-enabled wearable pin. The company, valued at $850 million last year, is aiming for a sale price of $750 million to $1 billion. Founded in 2018 by former Apple managers Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno, Humane’s wearable pin was met with scathing reviews upon its April launch, with critics deeming it unready for real-life use. Despite this, the company’s founders have expressed plans for updates to enhance the device’s capabilities over time. In March 2023, Humane secured $100 million in Series C funding from investors such as Microsoft, Tiger Global, and Sam Altman. The wearables market, driven by AI, has attracted substantial investment, but few products have successfully reached consumers at scale. Humane’s potential sale comes amidst uncertainty about the future winners in this evolving industry. The company did not respond to requests for comment about the sale.

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