Google has a new head of Search — and she’s all in on AI

Create an illustration in a 3:2 aspect ratio capturing the essence of the article titled 'Google has a new head of Search — and she’s all in on AI'. The illustration should depict a stylized woman (representing Liz Reid), an AI character drawn in a positive, joyful and cartoonish style possessing prominent visual elements related to search and AI technology. Surrounding elements should hint towards the evolution of search, such as old keyword-based methods transitioning into modern, AI-powered multisearch methods, like voice and image search. Ensure the composition gives off a futuristic vibe, emphasizing Google's transition towards an AI-centric model.

Liz Reid, a 20-year Google veteran, has taken over as head of Search, while Pandu Nayak transitions to chief scientist of Search and Cathy Edwards moves to Google’s long-term bets team. These changes reflect Google’s strong belief in AI as the future of search. The company aims to revolutionize the traditional keyword-based search with AI-powered, multisearch-based methods, allowing users to upload photos or speak questions for comprehensive answers. Reid has been instrumental in developing AI search and multisearch, which offer a new approach to Google. She emphasizes the importance of serving a wider range of information needs and answering complex questions. Google’s Search is expected to evolve into a more answer-focused model, with Reid and Venkatachary leading the charge. The company is navigating an AI-driven landscape and addressing the challenge of AI-generated content, while striving to maintain a strong partnership with the open web. Overall, Google’s transition to an AI-centric Search is poised to happen sooner than anticipated.

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