Every US federal agency must hire a chief AI officer

Create an image in a positive, light, and colorful style imagining a corporate office setting in a 3:2 aspect ratio. The scene shows a group of different people involved in various activities related to AI. There's a Middle-Eastern man standing at a whiteboard mid-presentation about AI systems. In one corner, a Caucasian woman is seen working diligently on her computer, analyzing some AI codes. A South Asian man is seen having a discussion with a Black woman about a report on AI systems. In the background, there is an Hispanic man checking on some monitors with various AI systems running. All are working harmoniously, implying the diverse and ethical use of AI within government operations.

The US government has mandated that all federal agencies appoint a chief AI officer to oversee the use of AI systems, ensuring responsible and safe implementation. Additionally, agencies are required to establish AI governance boards and submit annual reports listing the AI systems they use, associated risks, and risk mitigation plans. The chief AI officer does not have to be a political appointee, and governance boards must be created by the summer. The Biden administration’s AI executive order also emphasizes creating safety standards and increasing AI talent within government offices. Agencies must monitor their AI systems, submit an inventory of AI products used, and verify that deployed AI meets safeguards against algorithmic discrimination. Furthermore, government-owned AI models, code, and data should be made public unless they pose a risk to government operations. The US lacks laws regulating AI, but the executive order provides guidelines for government agencies on approaching the technology, while legislative progress on regulating AI has been limited.

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