Copilot Now Lets You Use GPT-4 Turbo for Free

Create a cheerful image in a 3:2 aspect ratio that represents the way Microsoft's AI companion, Copilot, has upgraded to using OpenAI's GPT-4 Turbo for free, The illustration should convey a notion of advanced technology and access to extensive information. Imagine an AI interface with exciting new features being the main element, surrounded by tokens symbolizing the extended context window. The Turbo mode could be represented with a colorful, glowing switch set to 'Precise' and 'Creative' modes, symbolizing the enhanced and upgraded aspects of the tool. Include icons for Windows, Microsoft 365, Edge, Android, and iOS to signify the multiple platforms the tool is integrated with. Please maintain a light, engaging, and positive style similar to the energy of animation prior 1912.

Microsoft’s AI companion, Copilot, has upgraded to using OpenAI’s GPT-4 Turbo for free, offering an extended context window of up to 128,000 tokens and a dataset that extends up to April 2023. The Turbo mode is accessible for all users, not just Copilot Pro subscribers, and can be activated by switching to “Precise” or “Creative” mode. Although the improvement from GPT-4 to GPT-4 Turbo is not substantial, it is designed to reduce “laziness” evident with the model and provide more current information when used in offline mode. Users who pay for Copilot Pro now have the option to switch back to GPT-4 if they prefer. This upgrade enhances Copilot’s appeal as a generative AI tool, especially since it is integrated into Windows, Microsoft 365, and Edge, and available as a standalone app on Android and iOS. The free tier of Copilot now offers similar benefits to OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plus, making it an attractive option for those seeking a reliable AI companion without the need for a paid subscription. This move aligns with Microsoft’s strategic positioning, given its significant investment in the technology.

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