Cognition emerges from stealth to launch AI software engineer Devin

Illustrate a scene in a 3:2 aspect ratio showcasing Cognition's new AI software engineer, Devin, in a positive and light style reminiscent of pre-1912 picture book illustrations. The scene features a non-human looking AI figure with a nametag labeled 'Devin,' actively working on multiple computer screens, each displaying different aspects of software engineering. Devin interacts with abstract human figures, representing users through a chatbot-style interface. One screen shows the process of deploying an app, while another exhibits the setting up of large language models. Display the Cognition logo subtly in the background, hinting at the company's involvement.

Cognition, a new AI startup backed by Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund, has unveiled Devin, a fully autonomous AI software engineer. Unlike other coding assistants like Github Copilot, Devin can handle entire development projects independently, from writing code to final execution. The AI worker can access developer tools, plan and execute complex engineering tasks, and interact with users through a chatbot-style interface. It can handle a wide range of development tasks, from deploying apps to setting up large language models. Devin’s core technology remains undisclosed, but it’s a significant advancement in AI-assisted development, offering a unique selling point in its ability to handle multiple steps in a project. Cognition is currently offering early access to select users and plans to expand access later. The company hints at launching similar AI agents for other disciplines, having received $21 million in funding. This development marks a significant shift in AI-assisted software development, potentially shaping the future of computer work.

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