Chrome is getting 3 new generative AI features

Create an image in a 3:2 aspect ratio that illustrates the article titled 'Chrome is getting 3 new generative AI features'. The image should depict a positive and light scene of people using their computers, enchanted by the new AI features on their Chrome browsers. Show the interface of the Chrome browser highlighting features like Tab Organizer, themes customization, and 'Help me write' option. Make sure to show diverse individuals, such as a Middle-Eastern woman and a Caucasian male, using these features on Macs and Windows PCs. Give the overall style a whimsical, animation-inspired look with bright, bold colors to evoke a playful mood.

Chrome is introducing experimental AI features to enhance browsing. Users can try out these features on Macs and Windows PCs by signing into Chrome, selecting Settings, and navigating to the Experimental AI page. One feature is Tab Organizer, which automatically suggests and creates tab groups based on open tabs. This is useful for managing multiple tasks simultaneously. Another feature allows users to create custom themes with AI. Users can generate themes based on subject, mood, visual style, and color. Additionally, Chrome offers AI-generated themes, as well as the option to customize with uploaded photos or themes from the Chrome Web Store. In the next release, Chrome will launch an AI-powered feature to assist with writing on the web. Users can right-click on a text box and select “Help me write” to receive AI-generated suggestions. Chrome plans to integrate more AI and ML features, including the new AI model Gemini, to improve browsing speed and ease.

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