ChatGPT is back online after an outage

Create an upbeat and cheerful image in an animated and whimsical style that respects the stylistic qualities of pre-1912 animation. The picture should show the abstract concept of ChatGPT coming back online after an outage. It includes an illustration of a cheerful artificial intelligence bot, perhaps a human-like entity exactly with an evenly glowing aura to symbolize its successful revival. This bot sits in a virtual command centre filled with floating holographic servers and circuits in the background, highlighting the world of AI. Focus on a 3:2 aspect ratio.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT service recently experienced two major outages, the first during Tuesday’s early hours and the second during daytime in the US. The issues affected both the mobile apps and web service, with thousands of reports of problems. However, the problem was resolved by 1:17PM ET. Concurrently, users also reported issues with Google Gemini, Anthropics Claude AI, and Perplexity AI web search, but these were subsequently resolved. In November, ChatGPT faced a 90-minute outage due to a DDoS attack, impacting OpenAI’s API services. Interestingly, the API remained unaffected during the recent outage. Furthermore, a Microsoft outage last month also disrupted ChatGPT’s search features and Copilot service. As of June 4th, ChatGPT access has been restored, and reports of issues with other AI tools have been noted.

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