Adobe Acrobat adds generative AI to ‘easily chat with documents’

Create an illustration of a serene digital landscape where modern technology is integrated harmoniously. Please depict a large, welcoming slate marked 'Adobe Acrobat' in the centre foreground. Imagine an intelligent robotic assistant, characterized by a distinct, glowing symbol, assisting several users. Users may be portrayed as both adults and teens, with a range of descents such as Caucasian, South Asian and Middle Eastern. The robotic assistant is interacting with floating holographic documents of various formats like PDF, Word and PowerPoint. Visualize the AI Assistant summarizing these files and creating clickable links, all the while maintaining an aura of security. Make the scene feel light, positive, and bureaucratic.

Adobe is introducing a new AI Assistant in its Acrobat PDF management software. This tool aims to enhance the digital document experience by making it easier to find and understand information in long documents. The AI Assistant can summarize files, answer questions, and recommend more based on the content. It allows users to chat with documents to get the information they need. The chatbot is designed to reduce time-consuming tasks related to working with massive text documents. It can help students find information quickly for research projects and summarize large reports into concise highlights for emails, meetings, and presentations. The AI Assistant works with all document formats supported by the app, including Word and PowerPoint. It abides by Adobe’s data security protocols and does not store customer data or use it to train the AI. The AI Assistant can recommend questions to explore, answer questions about document content, generate citations, and create clickable links to specific information within long documents. It can also consolidate and format information into digestible copy for various purposes. The AI Assistant is available for Acrobat customers on Standard, Pro, and Teams subscription plans. While in beta, it is free for these customers. Reader and Acrobat customers will have access to AI Assistant capabilities through a new add-on subscription plan when it is out of beta. Adobe has future plans to integrate its Firefly generative AI model, pull information from multiple documents and sources, and offer features for generating first drafts and editing copy.

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