‘Yellowstone’ star Lainey Wilson testifies AI using her voice was ‘gut punch’: ‘It is a personal violation’ – Fox News

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Lainey Wilson testified in front of Congress about the misuse of artificial intelligence (AI) in creating content without artists’ consent. She shared her personal experience as a victim of AI, highlighting how artists’ voices are being used in questionable ways or to sing lyrics they would never write. Wilson emphasized the importance of artists having a choice in allowing AI platforms to use their voice and likeness. She mentioned that her likeness was even used to promote weight-loss gummies, which goes against her values as a role model for young fans. Wilson argued that AI-generated content that misrepresents an artist’s identity is a personal violation and threatens their dignity. She stressed that an artist’s voice and likeness are their property and should not be overshadowed by the economic interests of AI cloning companies. Wilson also mentioned the broader impact of AI, such as deepfake porn and scams targeting vulnerable individuals. Despite her concerns, Wilson is currently preparing for the Grammys, where she has received nominations for best country album and best country duo/group performance.

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