Wix’s new AI chatbot builds websites in seconds based on prompts

Create a sunny, optimistic illustration in a 3:2 aspect ratio. Show three cartoon-style, friendly AI chatbot characters engaged in a conversation. One chatbot should be a black female humanoid form holding a sign displaying a 'ChatGPT Plus' logo, the second one is a Hispanic male spherical-shaped bot holding a sign with a 'Google's Gemini' logo, and the third a South Asian female robot, cube-like in design, holding up a sign that reads 'Microsoft's Copilot'. An array of advertisements balloons spring from their conversation, symbolizing these companies' exploration into ad integration. In the background, establish a fun, colorful digital marketplace indicating the exchange and monetization of technology ideas.

Wix has introduced a new AI website builder that allows users to create a website by responding to prompts. While the basic website creation is free, advanced features such as accepting payments require upgrading to Wix’s premium plans, which range from $17 to $159 per month. To start building a site, users click on the Create with AI button and answer the chatbot’s questions about the site’s name, purpose, and goals. The AI then generates a website within seconds, incorporating AI-generated text and images. The user can subsequently edit the site’s theme and layout. The document includes an example of a tech website created using the AI, showcasing its capabilities. Although the resulting website may not be a perfect match, it provides a solid starting point for further customization, making it easier for users to initiate their web development process.

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