Where’d my results go? Google Search’s chatbot is no longer opt-in

Create an illustration in a cheerful and bright style that might be seen in an animated film. The illustration should be in a 3:2 aspect ratio and should depict a chatbot that's part of a search engine interface, helping to sift through complex queries and information from multiple web pages. It should subtly hint at the lack of opt-in option, perhaps with the chatbot appearing unsolicited on the search page. Also, include a clue about incompatibility with a certain browser, maybe through a faded out icon. The overall tone should emphasize the move towards AI integration in search technology.

Google Search introduced the “Search Generative Experience” (SGE) chatbot, which initially required users to opt in. However, Google is now planning to push SGE to some users who haven’t opted in, as part of a small-scale experiment in the US. The company aims to gather feedback from a broader user base to understand how this technology can be beneficial. The chatbot will be activated for complex queries or those requiring information from multiple web pages. It remains unclear how the non-opt-in SGE pages will be presented, and whether users will have the option to opt out. Notably, SGE is currently incompatible with Firefox. With a new head of Search who previously led the SGE team, it is anticipated that Google will further integrate AI into search. This move signifies Google’s increasing focus on AI-powered chatbots and the potential impact on search result presentation.

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