Want to be Employable? Play Around on ChatGPT

A recent survey by Resume Builder found that 91% of companies hiring are looking for employees with ChatGPT experience. Candidates with knowledge and understanding of ChatGPT are considered highly sought after, and one in four companies hiring prompt engineers is offering a salary exceeding $200,000. As this technology is still new, there is a race to bring on employees with this skill in order for the company to stay cutting edge, and it looks like companies are willing to pay to do so. Hiring skilled ChatGPT employees would provide the company with valuable resources including faster company growth, educating fellow employees on how to use ChatGPT, improving production output and work efficiency, saving on human and material resources, and would improve the company’s reputation and market share. Three-quarters of business leaders questioned said they would be hiring prompt engineers, and by doing so, other jobs may be eliminated. Goldman Sachs economists predict that as many as 300 million full-time jobs globally could be directly affected by the introduction of ChatGPT. Candidates applying to take over the ChatGPT positions can better their knowledge base through online courses and YouTube tutorials. The most common positions employers are looking to fill cover the software engineering departments as well as customer service, human resources, and marketing. This technology has been shown to do a great job with these skills and job responsibilities. Those who take advantage of learning this new technology will pull ahead of other candidates.

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