Ukraine unveils AI spokesperson to ‘provide timely updates’ amid the war with Russia that looks like a real-life influencer

Create an image in a 3:2 aspect ratio that captures a positive and light ambiance, which brings to life the concept of artificial intelligence revolutionizing healthcare. Depict the AI model, named CURE, as if it's a warm, friendly character that is giving careful analyses of a large dataset composed of patient information. This dataset is symbolized as glowing points of data or charts on a futuristic, digital interface. Ensuring that the AI character is shown predicting the best treatment options for theoretical patients, with a clear focus of being helpful in preventing strokes in individuals with heart diseases. Include the vision of a future where clinicians are utilizing this tool on electronic health records. Finally, signify a collaboration between a prominent University symbol (not Ohio State due to copyright), National Institutes of Health represented as a health symbol, IBM Research represented through a technology symbol, and Anytime AI through a clock symbol.

Ukraine has unveiled an AI spokesperson named Victoria Shi, modeled after Ukrainian singer Rosalie Nombre, to provide updates on the country’s war efforts against Russia. The decision to introduce an AI MFA spokesperson was driven by the need to accelerate processes and stay ahead during wartime. Victoria Shi’s role is to report verified information from the consular department of the MFA to the public, focusing on protecting the rights and interests of Ukrainian citizens abroad. Ukraine is also utilizing AI in other war-related areas such as locating landmines, identifying war crimes, and assisting displaced citizens. The MFA has implemented measures to safeguard Victoria Shi from hacking and digital counterfeiting, including the use of QR codes in videos. This move aims to save time and resources for Ukrainian leaders, allowing them to focus on other critical tasks. The introduction of Victoria Shi reflects Ukraine’s commitment to technological innovation in diplomacy, marking a significant leap for diplomatic services worldwide. This development comes in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022, with Ukraine countering false claims made by President Vladimir Putin. Additionally, other countries like China, India, Greece, Kuwait, and Taiwan have also introduced lifelike AI news anchors to enhance newsroom operations, with the aim of enabling human journalists to focus on more creative work.

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