Tyler Perry Puts $800M Studio Expansion on Hold After Seeing OpenAI’s Sora: “Jobs Are Going to Be Lost”

An illustration related to the article content. The scene captures an expansive film studio represented in a computer-generated animation style inspired by early 20th century cartoons. As the focal point, a futuristic-looking machine symbolizing artificial intelligence is present, emitting a vibrant light, indicating its state of operation. Out of this machine emerge cinematic videos, illustrating various locations from snowy mountains to urban cityscapes without any need for travel. Surrounding this scene, a notable variety of studio professionals including Caucasian male actors, Black female editors and Asian crew members are seen observing with expressions of astonishment and concern. They stand together symbolising a collective approach. In the background, an $800 million expansion plan blueprint can be seen rolled up, symbolizing a halted project.

Tyler Perry, the actor, filmmaker, and studio owner, is raising concerns about the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the entertainment industry. He is particularly alarmed by OpenAI’s text-to-video model, Sora, which can generate cinematic video outputs. Perry had been planning an $800 million expansion of his studio in Atlanta, but now those plans are on hold due to the rapid advancements in AI. He is amazed by the capabilities of AI, such as creating scenes in different locations without the need for travel or set construction. Perry worries about the impact on industry professionals, including actors, crew members, and editors. He has already used AI in two of his films to avoid lengthy makeup sessions. Perry believes that the industry needs to come together to address the challenges posed by AI and protect livelihoods. He emphasizes the need for a collective approach involving unions, industry stakeholders, and government intervention. Perry acknowledges the advantages of AI for his studio but is also concerned about the future of the people he has trained and employed. He predicts that the convergence of AI development and industry contraction will result in significant job losses. Perry calls for compassion and thoughtfulness towards the individuals who have built careers in the industry and suggests that a unified voice is necessary to address these challenges, both within the entertainment industry and in Congress.

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