This Hidden New AI Model From Google Beats OpenAI’s Dall-E and MidJourney—For Free – Decrypt

Create a 3:2 aspect ratio illustration in a cheerful, cartoonish and vibrant style, showing a non-descriptive male software engineer adjusting a large, complex graphics processing unit. In the background, show data being processed and transformed into artificial intelligence sub-systems, representing various countries' tech advancements. The overall image should have a positive and light-hearted tone to represent the growing demand for such technology.

Google has introduced a new AI image generator called ImageFX, which is surprisingly good and offers photorealistic results. It is currently in its beta phase and can be accessed through Google’s AI Test Kitchen. ImageFX is powered by Imagen 2, an AI model developed by Google’s DeepMind lab, and sets a new standard for image quality. It competes with other image generators like Dall-E 3 and MidJourney but stands out with its cost-free access and hyperrealistic images. ImageFX offers unique features like seed control and creative alternatives for prompt words. However, it has limitations such as generating only square images and lacking image editing features. The approach to prompting also differs among the models. Decrypt compared ImageFX with MidJourney and Dall-E 3 and found that ImageFX excelled in photorealism. Overall, ImageFX is a highly recommended AI image generator.

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