This AI-Driven Search Engine Should Make Google Nervous – Newser

Generate an illustration in a cartoonish style portraying the concept of an AI-powered search engine. The scene includes a large magnifying glass floating above a cityscape, with lines representing search queries radiating out from it. Around it, there should also be a few futuristic skyscrapers symbolizing different data sources with lights within them indicating search activity. Also, represent the Copilot feature as a friendly robot lending a guiding hand to the queries. On one edge of the city, depict a group of people with diverse genders and descents looking appreciatively at the magnifying glass.

Perplexity, a year-old search engine powered by artificial intelligence, is challenging Google’s dominance in the search engine market. Tech columnist Kevin Roose tested Perplexity and found it to be surprisingly good in functionality. While it is not perfect, Perplexity was able to provide neatly written summaries with citations for hundreds of queries on various topics. The search engine resembles Google in its aesthetics and allows users to narrow down the source field. Unlike other AI chat products, Perplexity shows humility by admitting when it doesn’t have the answers. Roose, however, expresses concern about the potential threat of bots replacing journalism jobs. Despite this worry, he acknowledges the convenience of using Perplexity. Overall, Perplexity’s AI-driven search engine is gaining attention as a strong competitor to Google.

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