The First Streaming Service for AI-Generated TV Shows Has Arrived

Create an imagery in a cartoonish, bright, and positive style illustrating the concept of the first AI-generated show streaming service. Picture a digital interface showing animated TV show thumbnails on a futuristically-styled platform, labeled 'Showrunner'. To signify 'AI-generated', include various stages of an animation production process swirling into a TV screen: storyboards, script pages, character models. To reflect the interactive nature, show diverse hands of a Caucasian woman, a Hispanic man, a Middle-Eastern woman, and a Black man, manipulating the screen, suggesting user editing. The backdrop is a bustling global city representing users from around the world.

The document discusses the launch of Showrunner, a Netflix-like platform for AI-generated TV shows created by the San Francisco startup Fable Studio. The platform aims to allow users to create additional episodes of existing shows or even develop new ones themselves. Showrunner’s original slate of shows is primarily animation, with “Exit Valley” being the first viewable episode. Although the AI-generated content may seem odd and poorly animated, users will have the opportunity to edit dialogue and develop scenes via prompts. Additionally, outstanding user-created episodes may be selected for production, with creators receiving payment, revenue share, and an IMDB credit. The platform has already amassed a waitlist of 50,000 people eager to gain early access, indicating significant interest in this innovative concept. However, interested individuals may need to wait a while before being able to participate in creating their own binge-worthy shows on Showrunner.

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