The Arc Browser is getting new AI-powered features that try to browse the web for you – Engadget

Generate an illustration in a cartoonish style portraying the concept of an AI-powered search engine. The scene includes a large magnifying glass floating above a cityscape, with lines representing search queries radiating out from it. Around it, there should also be a few futuristic skyscrapers symbolizing different data sources with lights within them indicating search activity. Also, represent the Copilot feature as a friendly robot lending a guiding hand to the queries. On one edge of the city, depict a group of people with diverse genders and descents looking appreciatively at the magnifying glass.

The Browser Company has released a new iPhone app called Arc Search, which uses AI to browse the internet and provide custom webpages to answer user queries. This is part of Arc’s Act 2, which aims to blur the lines between a browser, search engine, and website. The app also features a new tool called Instant Links, which automatically opens the top search result when the user presses shift + enter. Arc Search can also generate multiple results, such as creating a folder with different soup recipes or providing weather forecasts for multiple cities. The upcoming Live Folders feature will collect updates from chosen websites, similar to an RSS feed. Lastly, Arc Explore, set to be released in the next few months, aims to combine the browser, search engine, and site into a single experience using LLMs. The goal of these features is to improve the browsing experience and challenge old habits.

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