Create an upbeat and cheerful image in an animated and whimsical style that respects the stylistic qualities of pre-1912 animation. The picture should show the abstract concept of ChatGPT coming back online after an outage. It includes an illustration of a cheerful artificial intelligence bot, perhaps a human-like entity exactly with an evenly glowing aura to symbolize its successful revival. This bot sits in a virtual command centre filled with floating holographic servers and circuits in the background, highlighting the world of AI. Focus on a 3:2 aspect ratio.

ChatGPT is back online after an outage

OpenAI's ChatGPT service recently experienced two major outages, the first during Tuesday's early hours and…
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Create an image with 3:2 aspect ratio showing an abstract representation of a strategic partnership. Incorporate elements like a modern newspaper named 'The Atlantic' and an AI symbol indicative of 'OpenAI', a tech company. Depict the newspaper interacting innovatively with the AI, implicating productive collaboration. Suggest the emergence of new products symbolized by a small experimental microsite labeled 'Atlantic Labs'. Show representations of awards like the National Magazine Award and Pulitzer Prizes subtly hinting at the journalistic excellence. The overall image should be light, positive, and steeped in a modern cartoon-style similar to works that precede 1912 and appeal to a broad audience.

The Atlantic announces product and content partnership with OpenAI

The Atlantic has announced a strategic content and product partnership with OpenAI, positioning itself as…
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Illustrate an image in a 3:2 aspect ratio with a lively, cheerful atmosphere. The scene includes various symbolic elements referencing the new features discussed in the article titled 'Custom GPTs open for free ChatGPT users'. Symbols could include, but are not limited to, a large computer screen displaying the ChatGPT portal, a smaller user interface window featuring accessible custom GPTs, representations of OneDrive and Google Drive logos suggesting data integration, as well as alternating bar and pie charts symbolizing data analytics and customization. Highlight the access to these features by all users, showing happy digital human figures of different ethnicities and genders interacting with the software. Please note, mimic a simplistic, illustrative animation style that is reminiscent of early 20th-century cartoons, which prioritizes clear visual storytelling, engaging colors, and straightforward character designs.

Custom GPTs open for free ChatGPT users

The web page discusses the new features available to free users of ChatGPT, including access…
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Create a digital illustration featuring a neutral machine with a welcoming aura, modeled with 3D animation techniques similar to early animated feature films. The machine is situated in a cozy setting, possibly at a desk in a living room, talking with a diverse group of people - an Asian woman, a Caucasian man, a Middle-eastern child, and a Black teenager. Their faces show surprise, happiness, and sheer awe. The machine simultaneously translate different languages being spoken and interprets the people's expressions, responding with appropriate facial and vocal cues. Background should include a bed, books and fading sunset through the windows, suggesting a bedtime storytelling scene. Also, hint subtle references to a tech-savvy environment that correlates with AI tech advancement.

ChatGPT will be able to talk to you like Scarlett Johansson in Her

OpenAI is set to release a Her-inspired voice assistant feature that can interpret facial expressions…
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Create an illustrative depiction in a vibrant, lively, and whimsical style, similar to Pixar's light-hearted animation tone, while respecting a 3:2 aspect ratio. The scene should highlight a symbolic representation of change in a technology-focused company. Visualize a well-lit, futuristic laboratory setting with symbolic metaphors for transition: perhaps a scientist's coat being passed from one person to another, signifying change in leadership. Further, include elements such as innovative AI-based machines and autonomous robots, reflecting the company's core focus on AI technologies. Use the dramatic casts of light to hint at potential intrigue and the undisclosed information. Please avoid any direct or indirect representations of the real individuals mentioned.

OpenAI chief scientist Ilya Sutskever is officially leaving

Ilya Sutskever, OpenAI's chief scientist, is leaving the company after a period of uncertainty following…
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Create a digital illustration symbolizing the partnership between OpenAI and Stack Overflow. The scene should depict two symbolic structures representing the organizations, joined together by a bridge of code. The left building should be a futuristic, white, tall, sleek tower with the OpenAI logo on it, while the right side should have a sturdy, modern, concrete structure with the Stack Overflow logo. From the OpenAI tower, digital AI models represented as holographic projections should be seen connecting to the Stack Overflow building. And from Stack Overflow side, community feedback and lines of code could be floating towards the OpenAI tower. The overall atmosphere should be positive and effervescent, whilst maintaining a light, cartoony style.

OpenAI and Stack Overflow partner to bring more technical knowledge into ChatGPT

OpenAI and Stack Overflow have partnered to enhance AI models and integrate more technical knowledge…
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Create a vibrant and lighthearted digital painting in a stylized, animated, and modern style, adhering to a 3:2 aspect ratio. The image should represent the alliance between OpenAI and a prominent magazine publishing house. To symbolize AI, depict a creatively designed, friendly robot reading a magazine titled 'People'. To represent the licensing deal, the robot could be seen signing a contract with a metallic stylus. The magazine's content should be visible, featuring fragments of text related to AI and data. A background consisting of digitally generated, ambiguous data streams will signify ad-targeting technology. Have a broad smile on the robot's face to convey positivity.

OpenAI strikes licensing deal with the magazine giant behind People

Dotdash Meredith, the publisher of popular magazines like People and Better Homes & Gardens, has…
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Render a vibrant and positive image in 3:2 aspect ratio using a style reminiscent of pre-1912 animation. The scenario illustrates a metaphorical representation of the article titled 'Microsoft’s OpenAI investment was triggered by Google fears'. It depicts a symbolic AI robot, with a Microsoft emblem on it, working hard on a glowing machine learning model resembling BERT language model. A symbolic representation of Google's infrastructure is shown to be massive and already complete, seen in the background. The tone remains light, reflecting Microsoft's proactive stance towards AI and their investment in innovation. Be sure to keep the focus on AI infrastructure and not personify any characters to obey the rules.

Microsoft’s OpenAI investment was triggered by Google fears, emails reveal

In 2019, Microsoft invested $1 billion in OpenAI due to concerns about Google's advanced AI…
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An illustration in a lively and emotional style inspired by early 20th century art, drawn in 3:2 aspect ratio. The primary focus should be the representation of the AI named 'ChatGPT'. Picture it as a kind, friendly figure sitting at a desk full of papers, writing and organizing information diligently. Around it, you can see various papers representing different domains mentioned in the article: a sheet titled 'Meeting Notes', another with draft social media posts and a card decoration signifying birthday wishes. On another part of the table, include a stopwatch or timer indicating the lesson durations. In the background incorporate symbolic elements representing the expansion of the service, like a map showcasing different regions of the world. Make sure to emphasize that the AI is cheerful and helpful, contributing to better personalized assistance for users.

ChatGPT’s AI ‘memory’ can remember the preferences of paying customers

OpenAI has introduced the Memory feature for ChatGPT, allowing paying subscribers to store queries and…
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Create a bright, optimistic image with a 3:2 aspect ratio. Show a stylized representation of a bustling newspaper company, filled with desks strewn with papers, computers, and other office items. In the middle of the room, place an attractive, futuristic AI machine symbolizing OpenAI, with small visuals of data streams flowing into it from all directions. These streams carry bits of text, images and code. Show a diverse group of journalists, including an Asian woman, a Middle-Eastern man, and a Hispanic woman watching the process intrigued. Overhead, place a digital billboard showing summaries of magazine articles, indicating the summaries generated by ChatGPT. The overall image should convey a seamless blending of traditional news publishing and advanced AI technology.

The Financial Times and OpenAI strike content licensing deal

The Financial Times has entered into a content licensing deal with OpenAI, allowing the AI…
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Create an illustration depicting the advancement of AI technology, showcasing a colorful scene. The image should incorporate elements representing the integration of text and image analysis, perhaps by showing a futuristic computer interface with some text and image data being processed simultaneously. Additionally, include representations of a coding agent, a nutritional analysis app, and a whiteboard turning drawings into a functional website to represent the various applications of this technology. Remember to maintain a 3:2 aspect ratio and keep the style positive and warm, reminiscent of computer-animated features but not directly referencing any specific animation studio's style.

OpenAI Announces that GPT-4 Turbo with Vision Is Now Available In The API

OpenAI has made its GPT-4 Turbo with Vision model available through its API, marking a…
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Generate an image evoking the themes from the article, with a 3:2 aspect ratio. Visualize a metaphorical and positive representation of a large llama, embellished with elements indicating AI and technology, such as gears, circuit patterns, and glowing light. Illustrate the llama as if it's evolving or transforming, capturing the growth from Llama 2 to Llama 3. This evolution symbolizes increasing capabilities, addressing limitations, and innovation. The image style should be playful and light, inspired by rich color saturation and exaggeration of shapes, reminiscent of animation aesthetics prior to 1912. Include smaller figures or silhouettes of diverse developers showing interest or excitement around the large model, denoting the open source approach and popularity among developers. No specific artists' style should be used.

Meta confirms that its Llama 3 open-source LLM is coming in the next month

Meta has confirmed the upcoming release of Llama 3, the next generation of its large…
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Illustration for an AI-focused article, featuring key elements described. Create a positive and light scene visualizing aspects of the text. Show a representation of GPT-4, surprisingly plausible as a futuristic and sophisticated mechanism. The imagery should be business-oriented, symbolizing enterprise services. Include symbolic elements such as a connection to third-party platforms, fine-tuning tools, and an interface that represents model performance comparison. Note an overriding architecture that displays 'OpenAI' and a calendar or schedule marking '2024' as 'year of the enterprise'. In the foreground, depict silhouettes of diverse businesspeople representing early adopters, startups, and established organizations. Ensure this scene adheres to a 3:2 aspect ratio.

OpenAI’s ‘year of the enterprise’ includes new tools for increasing AI accuracy

OpenAI is focusing on serving enterprise customers by offering new customization options for its GPT-4…
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Create an uplifting and positive illustration in a whimsical, colorful and soft-edge style, maintaining a 3:2 aspect ratio. It should showcase a symbolic representation of ChatGPT without account requirements. Depict a door opening, symbolising access and freedom, with a speech bubble (signifying chat) floating into the brightly lit outside world. A diverse group of people (Hispanic man, Caucasian woman, an Asian boy and a Middle Eastern girl) are standing scattered around the scene, each observing their own handheld devices - doubles as expressing their individual interactions with ChatGPT. The overall tone speaks to the inclusivity and widespread ease of access to this AI technology.

ChatGPT no longer requires you to create an account

OpenAI has announced that users will no longer be required to create an account or…
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Imagine a 3:2 positive and light-hearted digital illustration representing the monumental prediction for OpenAI becoming the first trillion-dollar private startup. The key elements in the artwork include an AI symbol, similar to a brain or neural network, glistening like a diamond to symbolize the hefty price tag. There's also a small rocket to represent quick rise and growth. The background should suggest futuristic technology, perhaps a pattern resembling circuitry or data flow. Two people are discussing this development, a short-haired East Asian man and a mixed-race woman with curly hair, conveying diverse perspectives. Please abstain from direct Pixar style imitation.

OpenAI tipped to become the world’s first trillion-dollar privately-held startup by former Google China president

Former Google China president Kai-Fu Lee predicts that OpenAI, established as a competitor to Google's…
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Imagine a lively scene where two anonymous tech company leaders symbolized as chess players, are engaged in a friendly and intense match over a chessboard. Instead of regular chess pieces, AI robots replace them, showcasing the theme of recruitment in the AI sector. Nearby on the board, a robotic knight is tempted by a brightly glowing 'Stay' button and a 'Go' button on either side, representing incentives and choices presented to them. A few of these robotic pawns are in the motion of being promoted, denoting the high demand and rewarding scenarios within this sector. All this is set amidst the backdrop of a bustling hi-tech city with towering offices, hinting at the thriving tech industries.

Sergey Brin, Mark Zuckerberg have personally recruited AI staffers as talent war heats up

Tech giants like Mark Zuckerberg and Sergey Brin are personally recruiting AI talent as the…
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Illustrate a vibrant scenery depicting a futuristic structure, imbued with joyful and light-hearted visual elements. In the scene, blueprint the immense silhouette of a supercomputer - called 'Stargate' - that represents the pinnacle of technological prowess. The center should convey an advanced data center potentially covering hundreds of acres of land, beaming with power and energy, emanating up to 5 gigawatts. The imagery of the 'Stargate' should symbolize a futuristic gateway, resembling the charm from a popular 1994 science-fiction film. Include in the background an array of other supercomputers symbolizing Microsoft's larger plan to advance the AI systems across the US. Ensure the vibe of the image adheres to a 3:2 aspect ratio.

Microsoft Reportedly Building ‘Stargate’ to Transport OpenAI Into the Future

Microsoft is reportedly planning to construct a $100 billion supercomputer called Stargate to advance OpenAI's…
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Illustrate a scene in a cheerful, animated style that does not infringe on copyrighted styles (e.g. Pixar). The image should depict the current trend in the tech industry. Show a crowded job market with tech professionals of diverse descents and genders in their business attire, looking dismayed. In contrast, a small group of AI specialists, diverse in gender and descent, stand out, confidently receiving golden envelopes symbolising lucrative job offers from unidentified tech companies. Emphasize the chasm between the general tech workforce and the AI specialists. The illustration should be in a 3:2 aspect ratio, embodying a positive and light style.

AI hiring sees a talent shortage as tech layoffs hit hard

The tech industry in the U.S. is experiencing layoffs at a high level, but there's…
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Illustrate a sunny, optimistic 3:2 aspect ratio image inspired by cheerful and bright animation techniques. In the central part of the image, depict two speech bubbles with symbols evoking AI language models. One of the speech bubbles is slightly larger and glowing, indicating its victory in a friendly competition. In the background, show a score chart representing Chatbot Arena, with rising and falling lines, symbolizing the shifting power dynamics in the AI language model space. On the periphery, sketch abstract symbols of ChatGPT and Google's Gemini Advanced as spectators, signifying their presence in the competition.

“The king is dead”—Claude 3 surpasses GPT-4 on Chatbot Arena for the first time

Anthropic's Claude 3 Opus large language model (LLM) has surpassed OpenAI's GPT-4 on Chatbot Arena…
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Create a brightly colored, cartoonish illustration in a 3:2 aspect ratio. In the foreground, show humans of various descents and genders sitting at a large, round table and using computers, tablets and other devices. Let's have a white female, an Asian male, a black female and Hispanic male, they are all engaged in collaborative work. Above them, depict a semi-transparent cloud, which represents AI, covering the entire workspace. The cloud is sprinkled with symbols such as emails, social media logos, documents in different languages, and tags or categories. On the edge of the cloud, depict it as transforming into different tools such as a summary document, translation effect, or categorization labels. This image will communicate the central idea of an 'AI-powered workspace' as introduced by Airtable in an inviting, positive way.

Airtable brings AI summarization to paying users

Airtable has introduced AI summarization, categorization, and translation features for its users, making it the…
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