Create a 3:2 aspect ratio illustration that depicts the message from the article about the importance of diverse skills in the job market. The image should have a friendly, positive feel to it. In the foreground, consider including a humanoid optimistic robot as a character, which is prominently associated with artificial intelligence and STEM, demonstrating an interaction with human characters. Perhaps it could be trying to perform a creative or empathetic task but is somehow missing the human touch. Around this, depict humans of various descents and genders engaging in jobs that require face-to-face interaction, creativity, empathy, and managerial skills such as healthcare, hospitality, and leadership roles. The image should emphasise the contrast between the inherent human skills against the skills that can be achieved by robots.

Nobel Prize Winner Cautions on Rush Into STEM After Rise of AI

Nobel Prize-winning economist Christopher Pissarides has cautioned against an overemphasis on studying STEM subjects in…
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Create an illustration representing the healthcare industry’s application of artificial intelligence. The image should feature a friendly anthropomorphic robot assistant interacting with clinicians, researchers, and patients in a medical setting. The robot is shown aiding in complex medical studies, summarizing doctor-patient interactions, and automating tasks. On a computer screen in the background, representations of large and medium-sized AI models can be seen, along with various medical data. The overall atmosphere should be positive, exhibiting Google's promising AI technology, MedLM. Use a light-hearted, uplifting style to align with the positive tone of the article, and maintain a 3:2 aspect ratio for the image.

Google is rolling out new AI models for health care. Here's how doctors are using them

Google has announced MedLM, a suite of AI models specifically designed for the healthcare industry.…
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Google unveils MedLM, a family of healthcare-focused generative AI models

Google has introduced MedLM, a family of generative AI models specifically designed for the healthcare…
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ChatGPT Answers Patients’ Online Questions Better Than Real Doctors, Study Finds

A study published in JAMA Internal Medicine found that ChatGPT, an AI chatbot, provided better…
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