Stealth Firm Reken Raises $10 Million Seed Funding – SecurityWeek

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AI-defense cybersecurity firm Reken has announced a $10 million seed round of funding led by Greycroft and FPV Ventures. The funding will be used for further research and development on a product that has yet to be disclosed. Reken’s founders, Shuman Ghosemajumder and Rich Griffiths, have extensive experience in building AI platforms for large companies. Ghosemajumder explains that the rapid advancement of AI poses a significant security challenge, as it outpaces our ability to defend against its adversarial use. He believes that existing cybersecurity measures are insufficient and a new approach is needed. Reken is working on a layered platform defense that combines zero trust and technological analysis to detect deepfakes and other malicious AI content. The goal is to assess the likelihood of malicious intent and dubious context in order to confidently identify deepfakes. The company aims to stay ahead of future AI-based attacks and provide effective cybersecurity defenses.

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