South Korea to invest $7 billion in AI in bid to retain edge in chips

Create an illustration in a light-hearted, detailed and vibrant style. The image should display futuristic South Korean cityscape with emphasis on artificial intelligence and semiconductor technology. Show various buildings, some shaped like giant silicon chips, high-tech laboratories, flying drones, and individuals working on advanced computer systems monitor showing silicon chip designs. Additionally, the skyline should have holographic projections of AI robots and neural processing unit designs. The atmosphere should be bustling and positive, to reflect the country's ambitious investments in AI and its goal of becoming a world leader in this field.

South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol announced a $6.94 billion investment in artificial intelligence by 2027 to maintain the country’s position in semiconductor chips. This investment includes a 1.4 trillion won fund to support AI semiconductor firms. South Korea aims to keep up with the US, China, and Japan in strengthening semiconductor supply chains. Semiconductors are crucial to South Korea’s export-driven economy, with chip exports reaching $11.7 billion in March. The country plans to expand research and development in AI chips, including neural processing units and high-bandwidth memory chips. Additionally, South Korea will focus on developing next-generation artificial general intelligence and safety technologies. President Yoon aims for South Korea to be a top three country in AI technology and capture over 10% of the global system semiconductor market by 2030. He emphasized the importance of AI chips and the need to prepare for potential disruptions, such as the recent earthquake in Taiwan.

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