Create a 3:2 aspect ratio positive illustration related to the article 'Harnessing ChatGPT for Product Recommendation in Business'. The scene is set in a bright and light setting and shows a symbolic scene: A large metaphorical machine labeled 'ChatGPT' sits in the center with gears and pulleys. Out of it, come various products tailored to the individual users, symbolizing personalized recommendations. People of different genders and descents (Caucasian, Hispanic, Black, Middle-Eastern, South Asian, White) are interacting with the machine, expressing delight and interest. On the side, a group of people are working on a laptop, symbolizing the ethical considerations involved in AI technology.

Využitie ChatGPT na odporúčanie produktov v podnikaní

V digitálnom veku podniky neustále hľadajú inovatívne spôsoby, ako zlepšiť skúsenosti zákazníkov a zvýšiť ich…
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Create an illustration within the 3:2 aspect ratio that reflects a positive and light-hearted style. The artwork should encapsulate the theme of the article titled '6 Ways to Use ChatGPT to Learn a Foreign Language'. Depict an array of individuals of different genders and ethnic backgrounds engaging with an AI assistant (ChatGPT) in their process of learning various foreign languages. The AI should visually represent a friendly and intelligent entity. The background could include icons or symbols of different languages. The overall image should evoke the sense of global connection, growth, and exploration through language learning facilitated by AI.

6 spôsobov, ako používať ChatGPT na učenie sa cudzieho jazyka

Učenie sa cudzieho jazyka môže byť náročná, ale zároveň obohacujúca cesta. S príchodom technológií umelej…
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Create a lively digital illustration in 3:2 aspect ratio capturing the future of AI technology, with a primary focus on the GPT store. To reflect the cutting-edge technology in a positive setting, picture a small, cute robot assistant with neon details, reminiscent of a youth-friendly setting. The character is interacting with a computer screen, showcasing a relevant interface or logo suggesting the OpenAI's GPT Store. Place this scene in a room at dusk, with vibrant hues from a golden hour casting a warm glow and the window framing a subtly radiant night sky. The neon elements can hint at a connection with neural networks or a cyberpunk influence without going full cyberpunk. Capture the essence of the personalized AI era in a lighthearted and intriguing style.

Sprievodca spustením vlastného chatbota v obchode GPT spoločnosti OpenAI

Vitajte vo vzrušujúcej ére personalizovanej umelej inteligencie! OpenAI GPT Store, trh s vlastnými GPT (generatívnymi…
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Illustrate a scene demonstrating the transformative power of Midjourney AI in digital marketing. The setting is a vibrant and innovative virtual space glowing under a radiant dusk sky, symbolizing the cutting-edge techno-futuristic aspect of artificial intelligence. In the foreground, a cute little robot assistant is operating a large holographic computer screen that shows intricate neural networks and graphical data. With its endearing, Pixar-esque design, the robot adds a light, positive touch to the complex realm of AI. The Midjourney AI logo shines brilliantly in a corner, indicating the driving force behind this transformative scenario.

Midjourney AI: transformácia digitálneho marketingu

V dnešnom rýchlom digitálnom prostredí sa marketingové stratégie rýchlo vyvíjajú a integrácia nástrojov umelej inteligencie,…
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Create a warm image in a 3:2 aspect ratio detailing a cozy room in the dusk at golden hour. In this room, reveal a modern workspace showcasing a sleek computer screen with visible, abstract representations of neural networks. Next to the computer, a cute, small robot assistant is attentively observing the screen displaying the neural networks. Outside the window, the night sky casts a minimal, ethereal glow, subtly illuminating the room further. The entire scene reflects positivity and the promise of an efficient, technologically-advanced future.

Rastúci význam umelej inteligencie v poradenstve: Začlenenie ChatGPT s praktickými príkladmi

V dynamickom svete poradenstva, v ktorom je prvoradá odbornosť a efektívnosť, predstavuje nástup umelej inteligencie…
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Create a cheerful illustration inspired by the digital age, in a 3:2 aspect ratio. The central image is a cute small robot assistant, with a friendly expression, engaged in video making. The setting is a softly-lit room during the golden hour, with the fading evening sky casting a warm glow through the window. In front of the robot, there are multiple screens - a smartphone and a computer - displaying images of 'California Poppies' and a 'Sunset on the Beach'. Subtle hints of neural networks suggest the functioning of AI. Absent is the influence of prominent logos or companies, focusing purely on the process of video creation through technology.

Od statických obrazov k pohyblivým príbehom: Príručka pre začiatočníkov o tvorbe videa s Midjourney

Tvorba videa pomocou aplikácie Midjourney je vzrušujúci proces, ktorý spája silu generovania obrazu pomocou umelej…
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Illustration fitting for a 3:2 aspect ratio, suffused with gentle and optimistic tones. Hold focus on a cute small robot assistant character working tirelessly on a computer screen, its fingers dancing across the keys. The computer screen ideally showcases snippets of text that might infer 'ChatGPT' and 'business'. Neon signs of advanced software codes flicker in the background, hinting at neural networks. Let the scene be set in an office seen through a window which frames a beautiful night sky casting an ethereal glow. Instead of a traditional office, perhaps portray it as a futuristic, cybernetic setting

100 základných podnetov ChatGPT pre obchodný úspech

V dynamickom svete podnikania, kde sú efektivita a inovácie kľúčom k úspechu, sa ChatGPT stáva…
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Create an image in a dynamic, cheerful and bright animated style portraying a customer service scenario set in a contact center. In the center, show a friendly and helpful robot assistant, interacting with customers. Have the robot character exuding positivity, demonstrating efficiency and ease while handling multiple language queries. Alongside, show several contact center operators who are focused on their work showcasing a harmonious mix of automation and human creativity. Highlight how both technological advances and human expertise fuse to create a high-quality customer experience. Set this all against the visual backdrop of an advanced, bustling contact center environment.

ChatGPT: Revolúcia v kontaktných centrách pomocou umelej inteligencie

V dnešnom rýchlom svete, v ktorom je najdôležitejšia spokojnosť a lojalita zákazníkov, zohrávajú kontaktné centrá…
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Create a vivid, 3:2 aspect ratio illustration in a playful, upbeat, and family-friendly style, recalling the joy and creativity of early 20th-century animation. Visualize a high-tech, friendly cartoon robot assistant guiding a group of diverse people. The group consists of an Asian woman, a Middle Eastern man, a Caucasian man, and a Black woman. They are all involved in building a towering edifice that transforms into an iconic corporate logo under their skillful guidance. This edifice represents their brand identity, created through strategic planning, creative explorations, and iterative design. The setting is a light, vast workspace filled with tools, blueprints, sketches, and models symbolizing the digital tool Midjourney. The light radiating from the emerging brand identity illuminates their determined faces, expressing the joy of creating a unique brand identity.

Ako použiť Midjourney na návrh identity značky

Vytvorenie firemnej identity značky je pre podniky, ktoré sa chcú na trhu silno presadiť, nevyhnutným…
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Illustrate a lively and engaging scene set in a restaurant filled with diverse patrons from different demographics. Focus on the futuristic elements, showing how artificial intelligence, represented by a friendly, cartoony robot assistant, is integrated into the restaurant's operations. Show the robot interacting with customers in humorous ways, suggesting new menu items, or handling social media interactions. Also, include subtle visual cues that technology is enhancing the dining experience. The scene should communicate positivity, progress and the potential of AI to revolutionize the restaurant industry in a beneficial way.

Využitie umelej inteligencie v reštauráciách: Sprievodca Midjourney a ChatGPT

V dnešnej digitálnej dobe prechádza reštauračný priemysel transformáciou vďaka integrácii pokročilých technológií, ako je umelá…
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Create an illustration in a positive and light style, featuring a robot assistant inspired by 3D animation studios from the early 2000s, for an article on the usage of ChatGPT for enhanced time management. The image, in a 3:2 aspect ratio, should showcase the robot assistant as an AI-powered productivity coach. Its features might include visible gears or panels to symbolize tailored strategies, repeatable routines and prioritizing tasks. The background may depict a combination of work and personal life settings, signifying work-life balance. Integrated into the scene could be glimpses of data-driven recommendations, perhaps represented as glowing light or subtle infographics being generated by the robot.

Využitie ChatGPT na zlepšenie riadenia času

V dnešnom rýchlom svete, v ktorom sa hranice medzi pracovným a osobným životom čoraz viac…
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In a positive and light style, provide an illustration representing the concept of harnessing the power of the AI-driven design tool, Midjourney, for innovative website design. The design should be set in a 3:2 aspect ratio. Include a friendly high-tech robot character assisting a variety of web designers, all of different descents - Black, Hispanic, Caucasian, Middle-Eastern, and South Asian - blossoming with creativity and efficiency. Make sure to reflect the transformative impact of the tool, showcasing the boundary-pushing digital aesthetics and the blend of AI's power with human creativity. It should reflect a future where AI assists in crafting digital experiences that are engaging, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing.

Využitie sily Midjourney pre inovatívny dizajn webových stránok

V dynamickom svete webového dizajnu sú inovácie a kreativita prvoradé. Midjourney, nástroj na navrhovanie založený…
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Ako používať ChatGPT na riadenie maloobchodu a dodávateľského reťazca

V ére digitálnej transformácie dochádza v sektore maloobchodu a dodávateľského reťazca k zmene paradigmy vďaka…
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Zvládnutie tvorby vizitiek s Midjourney

V dnešnom rýchlom svete podnikania môže dobre navrhnutá vizitka urobiť významný prvý dojem. Pomocou inovatívneho…
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Využitie ChatGPT pre efektívne marketingové kópie: A Guide for Businesses

V dynamickom svete digitálneho marketingu priniesol nástup pokročilých technológií, ako sú jazykové modely s umelou…
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Majstrovstvo v polovici cesty: Navrhovanie ikon aplikácií pre moderný digitálny vek

V dobe digitálnej transformácie sa výrazne zmenil spôsob tvorby a navrhovania digitálneho obsahu, najmä v…
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Používanie Midjourney na brainstorming a vizualizáciu v podnikaní

V dynamickom svete podnikania sú kreativita a inovácie prvoradé. Midjourney, pokročilý nástroj na vytváranie obrázkov…
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Skúmanie ilustračných štýlov s Midjourney

Midjourney ponúka množstvo ilustračných štýlov, ktoré môžete preskúmať. Každý štýl prináša do vašich výtvorov jedinečný…
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Zlepšovanie dizajnu produktov pomocou Midjourney

Zlepšovanie dizajnu produktov je rozhodujúcim aspektom zvyšovania používateľskej skúsenosti, podpory inovácií a udržania konkurencieschopnosti na…
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The Art of Commanding Midjourney: Tips and Tricks for Expert Image Creation

In the ever-evolving realm of digital creativity, Midjourney stands as a beacon of innovation, particularly…
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