Sergey Brin, Mark Zuckerberg have personally recruited AI staffers as talent war heats up

Imagine a lively scene where two anonymous tech company leaders symbolized as chess players, are engaged in a friendly and intense match over a chessboard. Instead of regular chess pieces, AI robots replace them, showcasing the theme of recruitment in the AI sector. Nearby on the board, a robotic knight is tempted by a brightly glowing 'Stay' button and a 'Go' button on either side, representing incentives and choices presented to them. A few of these robotic pawns are in the motion of being promoted, denoting the high demand and rewarding scenarios within this sector. All this is set amidst the backdrop of a bustling hi-tech city with towering offices, hinting at the thriving tech industries.

Tech giants like Mark Zuckerberg and Sergey Brin are personally recruiting AI talent as the competition for top-tier researchers heats up. Zuckerberg has reached out to AI researchers at DeepMind, while Brin personally called an employee about to leave for OpenAI and offered them incentives to stay. Meta is extending job offers without interviews and relaxing salary policies to retain talent. Zuckerberg’s personal outreach has already attracted a senior engineer from DeepMind to join Meta. However, Meta’s salary packages for AI researchers are reportedly lower than those offered by competitors like OpenAI. Despite layoffs in non-AI divisions, tech companies are aggressively pursuing AI engineers, even offering seven-figure annual pay packages to entire engineering teams. For instance, a chip-recruiting company president convinced an AI engineering manager to leave Microsoft for a startup with a lower base salary but promising stock options potentially worth $40 million. This intense talent war reflects the high demand for AI expertise in developing chat bots and language models.

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