OpenAI strikes licensing deal with the magazine giant behind People

Create a vibrant and lighthearted digital painting in a stylized, animated, and modern style, adhering to a 3:2 aspect ratio. The image should represent the alliance between OpenAI and a prominent magazine publishing house. To symbolize AI, depict a creatively designed, friendly robot reading a magazine titled 'People'. To represent the licensing deal, the robot could be seen signing a contract with a metallic stylus. The magazine's content should be visible, featuring fragments of text related to AI and data. A background consisting of digitally generated, ambiguous data streams will signify ad-targeting technology. Have a broad smile on the robot's face to convey positivity.

Dotdash Meredith, the publisher of popular magazines like People and Better Homes & Gardens, has struck a licensing deal with OpenAI to utilize AI models for its ad-targeting product, D/Cipher. In return, Dotdash Meredith will provide its content to ChatGPT and collaborate with OpenAI on new AI features for its readers. The partnership will involve bringing content from Dotdash Meredith publications to ChatGPT, linking to articles in the chatbot, and training AI models with the publications’ articles. Dotdash Meredith plans to use OpenAI’s models to enhance D/Cipher’s targeting technology, particularly as the world moves towards a cookie-less environment. CEO Neil Vogel emphasized the importance of AI platforms paying publishers for their content and ensuring appropriate attribution. Notably, Dotdash Meredith is the latest in a series of news organizations to partner with OpenAI, following similar agreements with the Financial Times, Axel Springer, and The Associated Press. However, some news organizations, including those owned by Alden Global Capital, have taken legal action against OpenAI and Microsoft for copyright infringement.

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