OpenAI is expected to release a ‘materially better’ GPT-5 for its chatbot mid-year, sources say

Create a 3:2 aspect ratio illustration in a positive, bright, and cartoon-like style. The scene should depict technicians (of diverse descents and genders) working on a large, futuristic computer symbolizing GPT-5. There should be visible improvement cues in the machine compared to a smaller, older version (GPT-4) nearby. Excitement and anticipation should be evident in the tech workers' expressions. In the backdrop, showcase a big digital calendar showing 'mid-year'. Lastly, in the foreground, there should be a signboard reading 'OpenAI' to represent the company.

OpenAI is preparing to launch GPT-5, an upgraded version of its ChatGPT generative AI tool, which has faced performance issues since the release of GPT-4. The new model is expected to be “materially better” and is anticipated to be released mid-year, with some enterprise customers already receiving demos. OpenAI is currently training GPT-5 and will conduct internal safety testing and “red teaming” before its public release. The company’s main revenue stream comes from enterprise customers who pay for an enhanced version of ChatGPT. GPT-4 faced complaints of degradation and poor outputs, leading to high hopes within OpenAI that GPT-5 will be more reliable and impressive. Additionally, OpenAI and other tech companies have been advocating against updated federal rules for how large language models access and use copyrighted training data. For further insights or tips, individuals can contact Kali Hays or Darius Rafieyan using non-work devices. Axel Springer, the parent company of Business Insider, has a global deal allowing OpenAI to train its models on the media brands’ reporting.

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