OpenAI Courts Hollywood in Meetings With Film Studios, Directors

Imagine a 3:2 aspect ratio illustration, showcasing OpenAI's interaction with Hollywood. Conceive a somewhat futuristic office setting where AI and human collaboration occur. A large futuristic screen in the middle showing visualizations of text prompts being converted to videos. A group of diverse people, ranging from Caucasian females to Middle-Eastern males, might be in the scene as film executives, scrutinizing the ongoing process. On the left, there might be actors of varied descent such as Black and South Asian inspecting their performance produced by AI on a holographic screen. All portrayed with cartoonish, light, and vibrant colors to resonate positive vibes.

OpenAI is making moves to enter the film industry by scheduling meetings with Hollywood studios, media executives, and talent agencies to encourage the integration of its AI video generator into filmmaking. The company has unveiled Sora, a new service that can create realistic videos based on text prompts, and has already granted access to a few big-name actors and directors. OpenAI’s deliberate strategy involves working in collaboration with the industry to ensure safe implementation and give people an idea of what’s on the horizon. However, the rise of generative AI services has raised concerns among filmmakers and studios about the potential impact on various professions within the entertainment industry. OpenAI is competing with technology giants like Meta Platforms Inc. and Alphabet Inc.’s Google, as well as other well-funded AI startups working on similar technology. Despite this, OpenAI’s Sora is still in the research preview stage, and no pricing has been set.

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