Microsoft to Pay Inflection AI $650 Million After Scooping Up Most of Staff

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Microsoft has agreed to pay Inflection AI $650 million to license its artificial intelligence software and has also hired much of the startup’s staff. This move surprised the AI world and involved the co-founders and most of the 70 employees. The deal resembles an acqui-hire without an actual acquisition. However, legal and industry experts have raised concerns about potential antitrust issues with US regulators due to Big Tech’s AI investments and partnerships. The transaction reflects Microsoft’s significant investment in AI and its strategy to bolster its capabilities in this area. The acquisition of Inflection AI’s software and talent is a strategic move for Microsoft to strengthen its position in the AI market. This deal highlights the increasing scrutiny of Big Tech’s AI investments and partnerships by US regulators. Overall, Microsoft’s agreement with Inflection AI represents a substantial investment in AI technology and talent, signaling the company’s commitment to advancing its AI capabilities.

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