Microsoft partners with Mistral in second AI deal beyond OpenAI

Illustrate an image in a 3:2 aspect ratio, with a cheerful presentation showcasing the partnership between a major software corporation and an innovative AI startup. The art is punctuated with an AI-themed iconography. Visualize the French startup, Mistral. depict it as an attractive, futuristic building illuminated with lights, the logo prominently displayed. Also, include friendly bots, to symbolize their conversational chatbot, 'Le Chat'. On the other extreme, show the iconic logo of the major software corporation, symbolizing Microsoft. Also, include a depiction of their cloud platform with clusters of servers and databases to represent Azure AI platform. Remember that the style should be light, positive, and in the style of animated 3D characters with exaggerated features and bright colors.

Microsoft has entered into a multiyear partnership with French AI startup Mistral, which is valued at €2 billion. As part of the partnership, Microsoft will acquire a minor stake in Mistral. This comes just over a year after Microsoft invested over $10 billion in its OpenAI partnership. The deal will involve Mistral’s open and commercial language models being made available on Microsoft’s Azure AI platform. Mistral has announced a new AI model called Mistral Large, which aims to compete with OpenAI’s GPT-4 model. Unlike previous models, Mistral Large will not be open source. It has achieved strong results on benchmarks and is the world’s second-ranked model available through an API. Mistral is also releasing a new conversational chatbot called Le Chat. The partnership with Microsoft allows Mistral to explore more commercial opportunities. The details of the investment have not been disclosed. Microsoft’s investment in Mistral comes after a period of turmoil for its main AI partner, OpenAI. Microsoft now has a nonvoting observer seat on OpenAI’s board, providing more visibility into its operations but no voting power.

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