Meta’s battle with ChatGPT begins now

Design an illustration in a positive, light, and cartoonish style. Populate the image with diverse human-like characters using artificial intelligence gadgets, representing the massive user base of Meta's new AI assistant. Make sure to show different kinds of devices such as smart glasses, laptops, and smartphones, demonstrating the variety of platforms the assistant is available on. The central character could be a friendly, large llama (representing Llama 3), standing amidst the users, hinting at the integration of the AI assistant within the crowd. Show the llama to be progressively growing, implying the development from Llama 3 to Llama 4 and 5. Emphasize real-time search results being available with a subtle representation of search icons from Bing and Google. The illustration can also show AI-generated images and animations popping up from the devices, indicating the image generation enhancement of the assistant. Use a 3:2 aspect ratio for the illustration.

Meta is aggressively integrating its AI assistant into its platforms, aiming to compete with ChatGPT. The Meta AI assistant, now available on, is being rolled out to several countries and is set to reach over 3 billion daily users. Llama 3, Meta’s open-source model, is being introduced to outperform competing models and is set to have a larger multimodal version in the future. The assistant integrates real-time search results from Bing and Google, and its image generation has been enhanced to create animations and high-res images. Meta’s strategy is reminiscent of how it incorporated Stories and Reels into its apps, aiming to quickly adapt to new trends and leverage its vast scale. Llama 3 is rapidly scaling, with a 400-billion-parameter version in the works, focusing on decreasing false refusals and potentially becoming more personalized. The training dataset for Llama 3 is seven times larger than its predecessor, utilizing public internet data and synthetic AI-generated data. Despite the competition, Meta is already thinking about Llama 4 and 5, aiming to be the leading AI in the world.

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