How to use ChatGPT’s newest feature: Conversation memory

Illustrate a concept image showcasing the new feature of ChatGPT's conversation memory. Place the AI as the central element in a 3:2 aspect ratio format. Have it interact with several diverse users on chat screens, displaying rules, queries and responses. Aspects such as activating the memory feature, different user interactions contributing to the chatbot's memory, an option to delete individual memories, and use of the Temporary Chat feature should be subtly integrated. Make sure the overall style is positive, light, and reminiscent of friendly cartoon animations. The image should have a modern, digitally themed background, reinforcing the tech-oriented nature of the feature.

OpenAI has introduced a new conversation memory feature for ChatGPT. This feature allows users to set rules for what information the bot can remember and how it responds to queries. Memory will be available to ChatGPT and ChatGPT Plus users, as well as custom GPTs. Users can enable or disable memory in their account settings. However, it is important to be cautious about sharing sensitive information with ChatGPT, as some chats are used to train the AI. OpenAI is testing the memory feature with a small group of users before a broader rollout. Memories can be created through prompts or by the bot learning from user interactions. Custom GPTs have their own memory and do not share memories. Users can delete memories individually and can also use the Temporary Chat feature to prevent memory usage. OpenAI is working on privacy and safety considerations for the memory feature.

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