How Inflection AI’s chatbot could rival ChatGPT

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Inflection AI’s chatbot, Pi, is now on par with OpenAI’s GPT-4 thanks to a new model, according to data shared with Axios. This development is significant as Inflection competes against major players like Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI in the AI-based assistant market. Pi has been using the updated model, version 2.5, and is now the primary engine for the majority of users. Inflection also revealed that Pi has 1 million daily active users and 6 million monthly active users, with over 4 billion messages exchanged. Unlike other chatbots, Pi is positioned as a highly personal assistant with a warm and friendly tone. The chatbot was asked what it would ask its creator, and its suggestions were on point. Additionally, Pi was asked about any desired capabilities. Suleyman, one of DeepMind’s co-founders and the creator of Pi, has been actively involved in AI development while expressing concerns about its potential consequences. However, there have been challenges, such as Google’s Gemini project’s failed attempt to address bias in training data sets.

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