Google Maps is getting “supercharged” with generative AI – The Verge

Generate an illustration in a cartoonish style portraying the concept of an AI-powered search engine. The scene includes a large magnifying glass floating above a cityscape, with lines representing search queries radiating out from it. Around it, there should also be a few futuristic skyscrapers symbolizing different data sources with lights within them indicating search activity. Also, represent the Copilot feature as a friendly robot lending a guiding hand to the queries. On one edge of the city, depict a group of people with diverse genders and descents looking appreciatively at the magnifying glass.

Google is introducing generative AI to Google Maps, allowing users to find recommendations for restaurants and shopping. The feature uses large language models to analyze detailed information about over 250 million places and insights from the Maps community. While the feature will initially be available in the US, there is no information on when it will expand to other countries. Google has been working to transform Google Maps into a search tool for discovering new places, and using generative AI is a logical next step. The AI search feature will provide trustworthy suggestions based on nearby businesses, photos, ratings, and reviews. Initially, only the Local Guides community will have access to the generative AI feature, with plans to open it up to other users later. Local Guides are a group of contributors who write reviews, share photos, and add or edit places on Google Maps. It is unclear how different the generative AI feature will be from the regular search bar, but it is expected to provide a more conversational and personalized response.

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