Gemini 1.5 is Google’s next-gen AI model — and it’s already almost ready

Imagine a vibrant digital drawing that represents the cutting-edge technology discussed in the article 'Gemini 1.5 is Google's next-gen AI model — and it's almost ready'. Picture it featuring elements related to Artificial Intelligence and language processing. Imagine a large 'context window' in the center, representing the enormous processing capability of the new Gemini 1.5 model. The 'window' should be filled with a variety of tokens, symbolizing the diverse queries it can handle. Around the 'window', include elements such as gears and circuits to signify the underlying technology. Highlight the contrast between the sizes of the context windows of the Gemini 1.5 and the OpenAI's GPT-4 model to reflect their comparative capabilities. The image should be in a 3:2 aspect ratio, drawn with a cheerful and light-hearted touch.

Google is launching Gemini 1.5, the successor to its language model, Gemini. It is available to developers and enterprise users, with a consumer rollout coming soon. Gemini 1.5 Pro is on par with the high-end Gemini Ultra and outperformed Gemini 1.0 Pro on benchmark tests. It uses the Mixture of Experts technique, which allows it to process queries more efficiently. The standout feature of Gemini 1.5 is its enormous context window, capable of handling larger queries and looking at more information at once. The context window is 1 million tokens, compared to 128,000 for OpenAI’s GPT-4. This larger context window has potential applications in businesses, such as analyzing financial records or providing movie reviews. Gemini 1.5 will replace Gemini 1.0 and the standard version of Gemini Pro will have a 128,000-token context window. Google is testing the model’s safety and ethical boundaries. Gemini is part of Google’s race to build the best AI tool, competing with OpenAI. Despite the technical details, Google believes that users will ultimately focus on the experiences rather than the underlying technology.

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