FTC investigating Microsoft, Amazon, and Google investments into OpenAI and Anthropic

Create a colorful 3:2 aspect ratio illustration symbolizing a healthy competitive environment in the field of artificial intelligence. Depict a diverse group of individuals collaborating around a table. This group includes a Hispanic woman, a Black man, a Caucasian man, a Middle-Eastern woman, a South Asian woman, and a White man. On the table, there are various AI-related items: a digital tablet with a blueprint of a robot, multiple screens displaying lines of coded language, a model of a neural network, and stacks of documents about investment agreements and partnerships. Some of the group members are in discussion, while others are engrossed in the documents at hand. Light streams from a source outside the frame, illuminating the room, symbolizing the 'shedding of light' on AI matters.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has launched an inquiry into the investments made by Big Tech companies, such as Alphabet, Amazon, Microsoft, and OpenAI, in smaller AI companies like Anthropic. The FTC aims to understand the impact of these investments on the competitive landscape of generative AI. The commission has requested information on investment agreements, partnerships, and their influence on product releases and oversight rights. It also wants to analyze how these investments affect market share, competition, and sales growth in the sector. The companies have 45 days to respond. Microsoft and OpenAI have a close financial relationship, while Google and Amazon have invested in Anthropic. The US has taken a global AI leadership position due to collaborations between American companies. The FTC’s study aims to shed light on companies that lock in customers. The government has shown interest in investigating the relationship between OpenAI and Microsoft. The FTC’s inquiry is part of an effort to prevent the distortion of innovation and fair competition in the AI market.

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