Founding OpenAI Member Andrej Karpathy Leaves Company

Illustrate an image in 3:2 aspect ratio, employing a positive and cheerful visual style. Showcase a generic man departing an office building that symbolizes a technology research organization. He should be middle-aged, South Asian, with an expression of determination and anticipation towards the future. Have the logo of OpenAI subtly on the building. The evening sky in the background implies the culmination of a chapter. Include symbols of artificial intelligence (like a neural network diagram or a robot) to emphasize the context. Do not include any characters that would identify real persons.

Andrej Karpathy, a leading researcher and founding member of OpenAI, has left the company. Karpathy confirmed his departure, stating that it was not a result of any specific event or issue. He plans to work on personal projects for now. This comes one year after Karpathy rejoined OpenAI. The reason for his sudden departure is unknown, but it follows the unexplained demotion of OpenAI Chief Scientist Ilya Sutskevers and the firing of CEO Sam Altman. OpenAI has not provided a comment on the matter. Karpathy previously served as Tesla’s Director of AI and expressed interest in returning to the company in the future. His departure from OpenAI suggests a potential change in direction for the research-focused company.

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