Eventbrite integrates GPT capabilites into platform to aid the event planning process

Eventbrite has announced new GPT-powered tools that will help event creators with event pages, email campaigns, and social media ads. The new features will roll out this month. Users can create an event page on Eventbrite with automatically generated event descriptions and images based on the event title, location, and date. The company has introduced other AI-driven tools in the past, such as Eventbrite Boost, the marketing platform that uses machine learning to target audiences on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. The new copywriting feature for social media ads is only available to paid Boost subscribers. Eventbrite hopes the GPT integrations will help reduce time spent by event creators since it provides a starting point for them to revise and edit generated copy rather than start from scratch. The company also launched these features as a way to increase engagement, reach more audiences and drive ticket sales. The tools will likely be helpful for independent hosts who may not be able to afford outside help from assistants or copywriters. The company plans to build on these newly launched AI-powered tools to further streamline the event hosting experience. For years, AI technology has changed the game for event planners, from promotional tools and marketing strategies to chatbots, data analysis, recommendations and more.

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