Create a sunny, optimistic illustration in a 3:2 aspect ratio. Show three cartoon-style, friendly AI chatbot characters engaged in a conversation. One chatbot should be a black female humanoid form holding a sign displaying a 'ChatGPT Plus' logo, the second one is a Hispanic male spherical-shaped bot holding a sign with a 'Google's Gemini' logo, and the third a South Asian female robot, cube-like in design, holding up a sign that reads 'Microsoft's Copilot'. An array of advertisements balloons spring from their conversation, symbolizing these companies' exploration into ad integration. In the background, establish a fun, colorful digital marketplace indicating the exchange and monetization of technology ideas.

El nuevo chatbot de Wix crea sitios web en segundos basándose en instrucciones

Wix ha presentado un nuevo creador de sitios web basado en IA que permite a…
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Wix te permitirá crear un sitio web completo utilizando sólo instrucciones de IA

El creador de sitios web Wix presenta una nueva función llamada AI Site Generator, que…
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