Create a brightly colored, 3:2 aspect ratio illustration for an article about artificial intelligence. The image should depict an abstract AI model named Grok 1.5 Vision that can process images and answer questions about them, surrounded by items representing its wide-ranging applications, such as a healthy plate of food, a medical instrument, and a self-driving car. The technology is shifting and transforming, representing the machine's learning process and its ability to outperform other models in certain tests. Display benchmark scores and details about the model subtly in the background, showcasing its competitive edge.

xAI, de Elon Musk, presenta el modelo de IA Grok 1.5 Vision en primicia, para competir con GPT-4 Vision y Gemini Pro 1.5

Elon Musk’s xAI ha presentado el modelo Grok 1.5 Vision AI, una versión mejorada del…
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