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The 2024 cybersecurity outlook for IT services companies is shaped by emerging technologies that will significantly impact enterprise protection. Generative AI (GenAI), the expansion of edge computing, and the advancement of quantum computing will complicate the security landscape. While these developments present challenges, service providers will continue to prioritize essential security measures. GenAI is a key focus, as it both opens vulnerabilities and enhances security measures. It can bolster malware analysis and speed up incident responses, but also poses risks such as large language model vulnerabilities and API attacks. Edge computing brings more security concerns, requiring robust controls and cybersecurity processes. Planning for edge security involves multiple stakeholders and a clear governance model. Post-quantum cryptography is becoming increasingly important, with organizations starting to plan for quantum-resistant algorithms. However, the migration to post-quantum cryptography will be complex and time-consuming. Despite these emerging trends, businesses must not neglect basic cyber hygiene, including 24/7 monitoring, proactive alert response, and threat hunting. A report shows that cybersecurity threats are viewed as a leading risk to business growth, prompting increased investment in cybersecurity measures.

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