Coke's AI-Generated Super Bowl Ad Is Downright Scary

Create a digital illustration in a light-hearted, cartoon style, to represent the idea of AI-generated advertisements. The image should follow a 3:2 aspect ratio. The scene shows a large sports drink bottle, its contours subtly morphing in an uncanny manner. From the opening of the bottle, a light of an eerie shade highlights the scene, suggesting the artificial intelligence involved. A smiling athlete is standing next to it. In their hand, they're holding a glowing container that looks like it’s transforming. Also noticeable is a stylized representation of video and audio editing tools. All these should convey the unnerving trend of AI-generated Super Bowl commercials. Please avoid any explicit branding or logos.

Advertisers are releasing their Super Bowl commercials early, including Bodyarmor, a sports drink brand owned by Coca-Cola. Bodyarmor’s commercial, titled “Field of Fake,” uses generative AI to make a point about offering a “real” product. The ad features morphing body parts, a radioactive sports drink merging with an athlete’s mouth, and a pulsating jug of Gatorade exploding over faces. The spot plays on the trend of stomach-churning AI-generated ads. Bodyarmor used GenAI video and audio pipeline, along with traditional VFX and machine learning tools, to create the commercial. Other ads have also used AI, such as the “Pepperoni Hug Spot” and the “AI beer commercial.” While AI-generated video is not yet indistinguishable from the real thing, the technology is rapidly progressing. Advertisers are looking to cut costs and boost productivity with generative AI software. Until AI-generated ads become indistinguishable from real ads, we can expect more corporations to cash in on the trend.

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