Chief AI officer is tech's hottest new role — but finding workers with the right skills is tough

Create an illustration in a light and positive style that depicts an office environment with a wholesome, welcoming vibe, similar to 3D animated films. In the foreground, feature a determined and focused Asian female Chief AI Officer, with glasses, sitting at her desk. Her office is filled with AI-themed items like a holographic screen reflecting data and AI concepts, including algorithms, machine learning cycles, and artificial neurons. She is deeply engaged in analyzing a large 3D holographic language model floating above her desk. The background hints at a diverse team of coworkers, both men and women, of Black, Caucasian, Hispanic, and Middle-Eastern descents, engaged in strategic discussions and collaborative work. The chief AI officer's desk nameplate reads 'Chief AI Officer – Strategizing the Future of AI'.

The role of a chief AI officer is becoming increasingly important in the corporate world as businesses seek guidance on how to effectively use AI technology. Companies across industries are actively hiring for this position to steer them towards AI adoption. However, some businesses are unsure of what the role entails and whether it is necessary. Experts argue that hiring a chief AI officer is crucial because the skills involved in data analysis and machine learning are not enough. This role requires a wide array of responsibilities, including understanding large language models and their applications across the entire business. The chief AI officer should also possess skills in navigating the ethical aspects of AI deployment. Strategic thinking and leadership skills are key to this role. Finding the perfect candidate for the chief AI officer position can be challenging due to the newness of the field. Despite the potential expense, businesses serious about being AI-first should consider hiring a chief AI officer to develop an AI strategy that can be applied across the entire company.

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