ChatGPT will be able to talk to you like Scarlett Johansson in Her

Create a digital illustration featuring a neutral machine with a welcoming aura, modeled with 3D animation techniques similar to early animated feature films. The machine is situated in a cozy setting, possibly at a desk in a living room, talking with a diverse group of people - an Asian woman, a Caucasian man, a Middle-eastern child, and a Black teenager. Their faces show surprise, happiness, and sheer awe. The machine simultaneously translate different languages being spoken and interprets the people's expressions, responding with appropriate facial and vocal cues. Background should include a bed, books and fading sunset through the windows, suggesting a bedtime storytelling scene. Also, hint subtle references to a tech-savvy environment that correlates with AI tech advancement.

OpenAI is set to release a Her-inspired voice assistant feature that can interpret facial expressions and translate spoken language in real time. During a livestream demonstration, OpenAI engineers showcased the assistant’s capabilities, including reading bedtime stories with different voices, responding to camera visuals, and acting as a translator. The assistant’s voice response is reminiscent of Scarlett Johansson’s character in the movie Her, which explores human-AI relationships and loneliness. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman cryptically referenced the movie after the demonstration. The new voice assistant represents a significant upgrade over ChatGPT’s existing voice mode, allowing for more interactive and responsive conversations. It is set to launch in a limited alpha release and will be available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers first. Additionally, OpenAI is reportedly nearing a deal with Apple to integrate ChatGPT into the iPhone, potentially offering a more reliable alternative to Siri. Altman expressed excitement about the new voice assistant, describing it as the best computer interface he has ever used, with human-level response times and expressiveness.

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