At G-7 summit, leaders call for international standards on AI

Leaders of the G-7 summit have called for international standards for the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI). They acknowledged that international rules governing the use and compliance of AI have not kept pace with its rapid growth. The leaders emphasized that new technologies should be governed in line with democratic values, including fairness, accountability, transparency, protection from online abuse, and respect for privacy and human rights. The G-7 leaders specifically called out the use of generative AI, which has raised concerns about its ability to create human-like responses and exacerbate political division through machine-generated content. The leaders also called for technical standards to develop trustworthy AI, recognizing that approaches and policy instruments may vary across G7 members. The European Union is debating legislation on the regulation of AI, and the US government is working on a framework that balances the risks with the opportunities in the technology. The G-7 leaders directed their countries’ top officials to work together on the issue and establish the Hiroshima AI process to discuss generative AI and report back by the end of 2023. The discussions at the summit included what each country decides to do in their own countries to pass laws and regulations on the technology and whether there is a global role. The leaders characterized the discussion as a good start towards effectively aligning approaches to deal with this fast-moving technology with far-reaching implications.

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