Ark Infotech LLC Completes Acquisition of, Paving the Way for Enhanced Cybersecurity and AI Innovations – Business Wire

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Ark Infotech LLC has successfully acquired, a company known for modernizing the Identity and Access Management (IAM) industry. The acquisition aims to drive growth, innovation, and value for employees, customers, and stakeholders.’s AI-based IAM policy creation has provided robust cybersecurity solutions for major cloud platforms. Ark’s CEO expressed excitement about investing in’s intellectual property and bringing cutting-edge IAM technologies to customers. The merger unites two companies committed to innovation in cybersecurity and AI. The transaction details remain confidential, and Great Elm Solutions served as the financial advisor and deal broker. Ark Infotech LLC is a leading IT solutions provider specializing in cybersecurity and cloud solutions for federal and state agencies. is a trailblazing cybersecurity and AI company backed by investors Y Combinator and 8200, redefining the IAM industry.

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